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Exclusive 6 HAND Dinner Series

Exclusive 6 HAND Dinner Series

R-HAAN is an award-winning authentic Thai food restaurant in Bangkok that features skilled and updated interpretations of Royal Thai dishes that have graced the tables of the Royal Family of Thailand for generations.

R-HAAN also was awarded top honours by Bangkok Best Dining and Entertainment Magazine when they named the restaurant the Best Thai Restaurant of 2019. These awards serve to establish R-HAAN as the premier Thai, fine dining restaurant in Bangkok.

Creative and Adventurous Chef Chumpol

With three awards already awarded to their restaurant, many chefs would sit back and enjoy their success. But the always creative and adventurous Chef Chumpol of R-HAAN isn’t one to rest on his laurels.

With a menu that changes with seasons, the kitchen at R-HAAN is always experimenting with new and innovative ways to prepare and present the Royal cuisine of Thailand. This means he is always on the lookout for the freshest local ingredients and incorporating new and different ingredients into the cuisine of R-HAAN.

He also loves a food challenge and respects and appreciates the contributions of other restaurants and chefs who have chosen the city of Bangkok as the home of their epicurean community.

This love of a culinary challenge and admiration for other chefs in the Bangkok food community is what has led Chef Chumpol into joining the 6 Hand Dinner Series.

Exclusive 6 Hand Dinner Series

The idea behind the creation of the 6 Hand Dinner Series was to combine the talents of 3 of the top chefs in Bangkok.

Chef Chumpol of R-HAAN, Chef Matsueda of KITAOHJI, and Chef Thanarak of CHEF POM CHINESE CUISINE BY TODD have joined forces to create three memorable and sublime evenings of an Asian food experience for the lucky food aficionados of Bangkok.

Chef Chumpol hosted the first of these evenings at R-HAAN in October, but there are still two other evenings to go. Make your reservations for the second 6 Hand Dinner Series at CHEF POM CHINESE CUISINE BY TODD on Rama 3 on Friday, November 22 2019, or the third evening at KITAOHJI on Thonglor Soi 9 on Friday, December 13, 2019.

The lucky diners attending these two remaining, exclusive events will be treated to the best of three Asian cuisines, Chinese, Japanese and Thai. These three Bangkok chefs have made their reputations by mastering the flavours, textures and colours of these cuisines. They will combine their three creative minds and their six hands to present menus that will be unlike any other food experience.

The chefs will create two exclusive and never before seen menus on each of the two remaining evenings. The Chinese, Japanese, and Thai flavours will skilfully complement each other throughout both of the multi-course menus, giving diners a memorable and sumptuous experience of the combined flavours, textures and traditions of each style of cooking.

The menus will feature the variety and abundant bounty of the fresh meats, poultry, fish, vegetables, fruits, seasonings, and herbs available in Thailand.

These two evenings will be the highlights of the remaining months of 2019, and seating is limited. To make your reservations for the 6 Hand Dinner Series, contact either R-HAAN, KITAOHJI, or CHEF POM CHINESE CUISINE BY TODD. Make your reservations today to ensure you are part of this exclusive meeting of the best culinary minds in Bangkok.