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Taste the "Sustainable Thai Gastronomy": From the Michelin Restaurant that Created Recipes for the APEC 2022 Gala Dinner

“In a river, fishes swarm. On a field, rice abounds.” The ancient proverb that echoes the fertility of the land and how Thai people had lived in closeness with nature since the old times. Thai culture is one that depends on finding a way to learn and live symbiotically with nature, as can be seen in how Thai people created recipes. R-HAAN, as a fine dining establishment and Michelin restaurant with Chef Chumpol Jangprai’s innovative visions, commits to draw from the authentic Thai cuisine the crucial aspect of sustainability, that is, the way to cook with the welfare of people and nature in mind, to create the “Sustainable Thai Gastronomy”.

Exclusive Menus to Welcome Economic Leaders from 21 Countries at APEC Summit by the Michelin restaurant, R-HAAN

In the special occasion of APEC 2022, Chef Chumpol Jangprai of Michelin restaurant R-HAAN was given the opportunity to present authentic Thai cuisine to influential personalities in the international political scene. Seeking to provide the honorable guests with the authentic experience of Thai food culture that is universally acclaimed and uniquely Thai, Chef Chumpol has created menus that reflect the crucial aspect of sustainability in the exquisite taste of the national cuisine, thus the “Sustainable Thai Gastronomy” came to be.
One of the integral aspects of this gastronomy is the preparation of ingredients. The selectively sourced and procured ingredients came from local providers in every part of Thailand. Farmers, fishermen, community-based cooperatives, etc., whose contributions are indispensable, provided their premium graded products, the outcomes from years of experience and perseverance.

“Sustainable Thai Gastronomy” Menus for APEC World Leaders from R-HAAN, the 2-stars Michelin Restaurant


Krathong Thong - A small golden pastry cup made of flour topped with Royal Project’s Caviar from the Doi In-Thanon.


Welcome to Thailand, representing each region of Thailand in a bite size.
Northern Temptation - Thai Lanna Crispy Khao Soi-Flavoured Rice Noodle
Central Voyage - Ayutthaya Tom Yam-Flavoured River Prawn Croquettes
Come to Isan - Korat Wakyu (A5) Charcoal grilled with Spicy (Jaew) dip
Sailing South - Betong Style (Goleh) Marinated Grilled Chicken


Yam Yai - Mixed organic salad, Grilled Organic Free-Range Chicken and Phuket Lobster, Preserved Suphanburi Duck Eggs cured in Phetchaburi Fleur de sel (Flower of Salt) Salt.

The remarkable MAIN COURSE Served with Rice Features 3 Dishes from R-HAAN, the Michelin Restaurant for World Leaders at APEC 2022 Summit

● Royal Project Vegetable Ratatouille
● Pon Yang Kham Two Beef Massaman Curry, using premium beef from Sakon Nakhon
● Phuket Organic Pearl Grouper with Tom Kha Sauce topped with Makrut Lime Leaf Foam
Served with Thung Kula Ronghai Jasmine Rice and Nine Varieties of Brown Rice cooked with Fragrant Lemongrass


● Taro and Lotus Seed Coconut Custard, Thai Fruit Coulis, Served with Passion Fruit and Longan Honey Sorbet
● Five Petit Fours - Khanom Dara Tong, Fragrant Pandan Piak Poon Pudding, Lychee Macaron, Khanom Mali, and Chiang Mai Chocolate with Thai Brandy and Black Galangal
Thai people have an old tradition of learning and forming strong bonds with their natural surroundings because their livelihood is believed to be interdependent on the fertility of land and river. Since ancient times, learning to cultivate and harvest has been essential in many aspects of Thai life, including how to prepare foods and create recipes.

With commitment to the finest ingredients from local providers, the menus that were served in APEC 2022 Gala Dinner seek the engagement of the local and the global. Likewise, this motive is prevalent in the menus served at the Michelin star. To experience the wisdom of authentic Thai cuisine and the “Sustainable Thai Gastronomy” by the Michelin restaurant R-HAAN by chef Chumpol, please reserve the table at website, email address: or call + 66 (0) 95 141 5524 (from 12.00 – 21.00 hrs.)