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Luxury Fine Dining in Bangkok

Experience Luxury Fine Dining in Bangkok for Special Occasions

Experience authentic fine dining in Bangkok on your next special occasion. R-Haan is an award-winning, Thai cuisine restaurant that features a Royal Thai menu that changes along with the seasons. Indulge in Thai, food fine dining in the Thonglor area of Bangkok for your anniversaries, birthdays, graduations or any special occasion that gives you an excuse to dine on the pinnacle of Thai cuisine.

Our spacious and elegant restaurant is the perfect venue for your celebratory meal. From the moment you step through the door, you’ll be enchanted by the well-designed décor, which is both modern and yet, offers accents that illustrate the rich heritage of Thai art and history.

From our impeccable service to the table’s place settings, you’ll know that you are in for a truly memorable evening that will enhance your special occasion.

A meal at R-Haan is an immersive dining experience. Your series of dishes will all be served on hand-painted ceramic plates, and bowls that have been carefully recreated from the tableware that occupied the Royal Palace in the Rattanakosin era, and further heighten the dining experience.

Of course, our service is exemplary to go along with the Royal Thai dining experience. Your guests will feel honoured by the level of service they enjoy throughout your dining experience at our fine dining restaurant in Bangkok.

Seasonal Menus

Depending on what time of year your special occasion occurs, you will dine from a tasting menu of a series of dishes that are curated around the particular season. These menus reflect the abundance of Thai fish, meat, vegetables, fruits, grains and spices that occur in each of the different seasons.

Chef Chumpol uses these ingredients as his palette to create the modern, yet traditional and celebrated dishes of R-Haan. While he uses the same spices and ingredients as the original Royal Thai dishes, the contemporary preparation and presentation techniques he employs are legendary and responsible for our two Michelin stars.

We carefully curate these dishes into a tasting menu that delivers all the flavours, textures and aromas of Thailand within a single meal. You’ll explore all the regions of Thailand within at least 18 items of the tasting menus that have been created to embody the “Royal Thai Taste Samrub” and “Amazing Thai Taste Samrub.”

Honouring Your Special Celebration

For the utmost in luxury fine dining in Bangkok, R-Haan honours your special occasion by providing a truly unforgettable dining experience. Your guests will feel the R-Haan surroundings, service and exquisite meal enhance the occasion, making for a wonderful and memorable day.

For out of town guests who are visiting the country for the first time, our Thai, fine dining restaurant is the perfect introduction to Thailand. Your guest will fall in love with the grace and beauty of Thailand and gain a further appreciation for the depths of flavour that are readily available in Thai cuisine.

To celebrate your special occasion as it’s meant to be observed, make a reservation for yourself and your guests at R-Haan fine dining restaurant in Bangkok, and make the most of your occasion.