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Welcome Summer With R-HAAN's Royal Thai Cuisine Takeaways

As the summer sun warms Thailand, we all yearn for refreshing and flavorful dishes to cool our appetites and souls. R-HAAN, Bangkok's Michelin-star restaurant, is renowned for its dedication to showcasing authentic royal Thai cuisine. This summer, we celebrate the season with our special takeaway menu featuring three traditional royal Thai dishes that have been loved by locals and royals alike for centuries.

A Legacy of Flavors

Thanks to Thailand's rich culture and influences from neighbouring countries, the history of royal Thai cuisine is a celebration of bold flavors, intricate presentations, and fresh, seasonal produce. The Siamese royalty significantly shaped what royal Thai cuisine is today by refining traditional dishes and transforming them into exquisite dishes. Ingredients such as fresh herbs, spices, and coconut milk have been staples in royal Thai dishes, contributing to their distinct flavors and textures.

The summer season notably influences royal Thai cuisine, primarily due to the availability of much-loved seasonal ingredients. Summer in Thailand brings a bounty of tropical fruits, often incorporated into savory and sweet dishes. The warmer weather also encourages the consumption of lighter and more refreshing dishes, delicately flavored and garnished. Recipes were meticulously documented and passed down through generations of royal chefs, resulting in a unique culinary repertoire that reflects Thailand's cultural and agricultural bounty.

Today, R-HAAN offers a modern interpretation of these time-honored dishes, allowing you to experience a taste of royalty in the comfort of your home.

R-HAAN’s Summer Takeaway Menu

Our summer takeaway menu features three exquisite dishes that highlight royal Thai cuisine.

Khao Chae

Khao Chae, which literally translates to "rice soaked in water," is a quintessential Thai summer dish. Our rendition offers a spin on the classic with refined textures and flavors. Take your Khao Chae away in a beautifully crafted traditional rattan basket. The centerpiece is fragrant jasmine rice bathed in cool jasmine-scented mineral water. Accompanying this refreshing base will be a variety of accompaniments, which we will explore below.

The Kapi balls are bite-sized delights made from the finest shrimp paste from three renowned sources in Thailand – Klongkon, Krabi, and Koh Chang. The paste is pounded with fragrant herbs, then wrapped and grilled in banana leaves for an irresistible smoky aroma. It is then dipped in egg and fried until golden brown. In addition, it is served with finger roots crafted in the shape of a white Champaca - a flower from a large evergreen tree native to the Asian region.

The second condiment is the Hom Dang Sai Pla - deep-fried, stuffed shallots sourced from the GI-protected region of Sri Saket. The shallots are hollowed and filled with a flavorful mixture of pounded catfish. Dipped in a light tempura batter and fried until golden brown, they are served with refreshing cucumber and green onions.

The third condiment is our sweet radish preserve. Thinly sliced radishes from Surin are stir-fried with palm sugar until perfectly caramelized. This is a delightful counterpoint to the other elements.

The fourth condiment is our shredded sweet pork. Sun-dried pork, prepared according to a special R-HAAN recipe, is shredded and fried until crisp. Coconut sugar adds a touch of sweetness, while fried shallots offer a textural contrast.
The fifth is a stuffed bell pepper. Carefully selected bell peppers are stuffed with a fragrant mixture of banana shrimp, minced pork, and a touch of garlic, Thai pepper, and cilantro. Steamed to perfection, it adds flavor and color to the dish.

How to Savor Your Khao Chae

For optimal taste, we recommend storing your Khao Chae in the refrigerator for no more than three days.

To assemble, fill a bowl with chilled jasmine-scented water, allowing the flowers to float atop the surface. Arrange the rice and condiments around the bowl, and enjoy this refreshing, classic Thai summer dish.

Kanom Jeen Sao Nam

Kanom Jeen Sao Nam is another delightful Thai summer staple featuring rice noodles soaked in coconut milk broth. Our version features soft rice noodles with sweet and sour chopped pineapple, fresh garlic, julienned ginger, ground-dried shrimp, semi-hard-boiled egg, and a light coconut milk broth. Fish balls, known as "jang-lon," add a textural element, while fragrant herbs and a side of sliced chilies complete the experience.

How To Savour Your Kanom Jeen Sao Nam

For the freshest flavor, consume your Kanom Jeen Sao Nam within 3 hours of receiving it. Arrange the rice noodles on a plate alongside the various condiments. Drizzle with a generous amount of the coconut milk broth and mix well. With each mouthful, you will experience a delightful interplay of sweet, sour, and salty flavors, perfectly complemented by the textures of the noodles and fish balls.

Pla-Heang Taeng-Mo - Watermelon With Dried Fish

This quintessential Thai summer dish is simple yet complex. We carefully select the season's best watermelons and pair them with the finest dried snakehead fish from Singburi province. The fish, finely ground and seasoned with cane sugar, creates a delicious savory counterpoint to the sweetness of the watermelon. Fried shallots and aromatic herbs complete this dish, adding textural intrigue and a touch of visual flair.

Experience Fine-Dining at Home With R-HAAN

R-HAAN's takeaway summer menu is a unique opportunity to savor the essence of royal Thai cuisine in the comfort of your home. Our chefs combine the finest seasonal ingredients and time-honored preparation techniques to present you with exuberant, authentic, modern Thai fine dining in Bangkok.

Order Your Summer Experience

To reserve your R-HAAN takeaway summer menu, kindly call the restaurant at least one day in advance. If you prefer a dine-in experience prepared by our acclaimed Chef Chumpol, contact us today. At R-HAAN, we bring the essence of royalty to your table.

Contact us today to book a takeaway or a table at our Michelin-awarded restaurant in Bangkok.

Contact us today to book a takeaway or a table at our Michelin-awarded restaurant in Bangkok.