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Thai Cuisine and Wine - A Match Made in Heaven?

Thai dishes are renowned globally for their aromatic richness and heat. Pairing wine with Thai food offers an exhilarating challenge and demands thoughtful selection, given the vibrant marriage of flavors and spice levels. But fear not, for this complexity is an invitation, not a deterrent. Pairing selected wines to your Thai food can significantly enhance the dining experience.

And if you are wondering where to explore this exquisite union of flavors pairing wine with Thai food, welcome to the prestigious two-Michelin awarded R-HAAN. This blog will explore the art of pairing wines with our sumptuous courses, offering key insights and expert advice to perfect your gastronomic experience.

Exploring Wine Pairing At R-HAAN

Selecting the perfect wine pairing begins with understanding our menu at R-HAAN, a curated homage to Thailand's rich cultural and culinary heritage. Each ingredient in our Winter Samrub & Season's Greetings menu is handpicked to reflect the nation's finest flavors. Complementing our menu is a vast collection of local and international wines and handcrafted cocktails that celebrate the essence of Thailand's finest spirits.

Red Wine Pairing With Thai Food

Thai cuisine is celebrated for its ability to cater to every conceivable taste preference, from salty and sweet to sour, bitter, and umami, often blending these flavors in a single dish. It may seem complicated to pair wine with Thai food initially, but trust our expert team to breeze you through the process.

Consider, for example, one of our standout starters - a taste travel to the north featuring succulent Grilled Northern Pork Sausages crowned with Nam Prik Num, a vibrant Green chili dip. With its smoky sausages and the zesty kick of the chili dip, this dish is heavenly when paired with a French Pinot Noir, which typically exhibits characteristics of a medium-bodied wine. The subtle earthiness and light fruit notes of the Pinot Noir complement the smokiness of the sausages, while its gentle tannins and bright acidity balance the heat and richness of the dish.

Moving forward, let's explore another potential pairing. The Herbal Avocado Mousse Salad with Crab and Royal Project Caviar on our menu is a dish that combines delicate and rich flavors, making it an excellent match for the Shiraz "Nero" by Stonefish from South Australia. Its ripe fruit flavors and silky tannins complement the creamy texture of the avocado mousse and the subtle sweetness of the crab. Additionally, the spicy notes imparted by the French oak aging of the Shiraz can beautifully contrast the herbal freshness of the salad while harmonizing with the luxurious taste of the caviar.

We also encourage you to explore Thailand's vibrant wine scene through our local selections like the Tempranillo Reserve by Pirom - PB Valley and the Cabernet / Shiraz - Asoke by GranMonte, both from Khao Yai. These wines reflect the unique characteristics of Thai terroir, offering a distinctive taste experience that complements our menu.

White Wine Pairing With Thai Food

White wines are often the preferred choice for pairing with curry-style Thai food, as their characteristics beautifully complement the complexity and richness of these flavors. The acidity, fruitiness, and aromatic qualities of white wines work in harmony with the diverse spices and herbs in curry dishes without overpowering the meal's intricate flavors.

For instance, the Sauvignon Blanc 'Wild' by Greywacke from Marlborough, New Zealand, with its vibrant citrus and herbal notes, is a splendid match for one of our scrumptious mains - Grilled Duck Breasts topped with Spicy Yellow Chili and Passion Fruit Sauce. Its crisp acidity cuts through the richness of the duck, while the tropical fruit flavors enhance the tangy, spicy sauce.

Meanwhile, the Chardonnay from Bourgogne by Montille, Burgundy, France, with its subtle oak and creamy texture, pairs elegantly with our Hay-Roasted Spicy Herbal Chicken in Bamboo Tube baked with Rice Straw. This wine's balance of fruit and acidity complements the smoky, herbal chicken, smoothing out the dish's spiciness.

The Riesling' Grand Reserve' by Pierre Sparr from Alsace, France, is incredibly versatile. Its natural sweetness and acidity make it an ideal companion for the entire meal, from spicy starters to desserts. It harmonizes with our succulent and juicy Thai Wagyu Beef Shank Massaman Curry, balancing the beef's richness and the curry's complex spices.

Champagne, Sparkling, Cocktails and More

Our fine dining restaurant in Bangkok also boasts a varied collection of champagnes, sparkling wines, rosé wines, and even dessert wines, catering to all palates and preferences to pair with your Thai food. Choose the perfect drink to accompany your meal, whether you prefer something light and bubbly or rich and sweet.

In addition to these selections, we offer a unique array of curated cocktails that showcase a fusion of traditional flavors and modern mixology. Try our Chom Duen, a cocktail that artfully blends Thai spirit with peach schnapps, butterfly pea juice, syrup, lime juice, and egg whites. Another standout cocktail is our Chuen Ruethai, which combines Mekhong liquor with sambuca, Mulberry juice, syrup, and lime juice.

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