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Celebrate Winter With A Magical Fine Dining Menu

Our Tom-yum soup from the winter fine dining menu

As the crisp tropical winter air sets in Bangkok, R-HAAN welcomes the season with our Winter Samrub & Season's Greetings menu. Join us at our celebrated two Michelin-star restaurant for a gastronomic odyssey where traditional charm meets the extravagance of winter's best harvests for our fine dining menu course in Bangkok.

The Winter Samrub & Season’s Greetings Menu

Chef Chumpol skillfully blends spices and organic seasonal ingredients to create a winter fine dining menu that resonates with Thailand's cultural and culinary essence. This menu is designed to take diners on a flavorful journey through Thailand's diverse landscapes and waters, offering a unique taste-test adventure that highlights the best of winter's offerings.

Let's savor some of the highlights, shall we?

Welcome to Thailand

In contrast to Bangkok's cuisine, which is known for a balance of sweet, sour, salty, and spicy flavors, Northern Thai cuisine tends to be spicier and more heavily influenced by neighboring countries like Myanmar and China.

Begin with our first course, Journey to the North, featuring Grilled Northern Pork Sausage. The smokiness is perfectly complemented by a zesty Nam Prik Num (Green Chili Dip). From there on, venture to Central Thailand with the Golden Cup, a delicate crisp vessel filled with sweet and sour Crispy Rice Vermicelli, crowned with luxurious Royal Project Caviar.

Regional Delights

Next is our E-Sarn Excursion, presenting a Udon Thani Duck Salad richly flavored with herbs. Now, move onto the balmy tropics of the South, where we introduce you to a succulent yet fiery Phuket Crab Curry brimming with aromatic spices. Not to be missed is the Spicy Rice Salad with Thai Mackerel, a blend of mixed vegetables, and a unique Southern Fermented Fish Sauce that adds an unforgettable depth.

Exquisite Courses

The journey through our winter fine dining menu continues with a Herbal Avocado Mousse Salad, where the creaminess of avocado mingles with succulent crab and caviar. Try our Clear Mixed Seasonal Vegetable Soup, a delicate balance of flavors elevated by Grilled River Prawns and Pumpkin Mousse. The Grilled Duck Breast is a standout; its richness cuts through with spicy yellow chili and a jammy passion fruit sauce.

Innovative Techniques

The Hay-Roasted Spicy Herbal Chicken is an experience in itself, cooked in a bamboo tube for an infusion of earthy flavors. The Steamed Squid offers a playful contrast with a Coconut Milk Cream Soup Cappuccino, tinged with black squid ink for dramatic effect.

An Orchestra Of Mains

Our Royal Thai Tom Yum Soup is an explosion of flavors, signaling a rich and intricate blend of sour, spicy, and savory notes characteristic of traditional Thai cuisine. This sensory journey is further heightened by the inclusion of Crispy Gourami Fish, which introduces a delightful textural contrast with its crunchiness. Moving on to the Spicy Steamed Pork - wrapped in banana leaves, the pork is delicately steamed to perfection, allowing the meat to absorb the aromatic blend of spices while the leaves impart a subtle, earthy flavor.

Our Thai Wagyu Beef Shank Massaman Curry elevates the traditional Massaman Curry to a new level of opulence. The slow-cooked high-quality marbled beef shank in aromatic spices and coconut milk results in an intensely flavorful and sumptuously rich curry.

A Sweet Epilogue

Conclude our winter fine dining menu with Mango Sticky Rice, a traditional favorite reimagined with a Mango Parfait and Coconut Ice Cream. Our Chocolate Ball, filled with Thai Milk Tea Mousse, is an innovative fusion served with Strawberry ice cream and Mixed Citrus sauce.

Each dish, carefully curated by Chef Chumpol, celebrates Thai flavors, artfully presented and meticulously prepared, ensuring an unforgettable dining experience that tantalizes the senses and leaves you longing for more.

This winter, R-HAAN elevates fine dining to new heights. Our carefully curated winter menu is a homage to Thailand's rich culinary history, artfully interweaving seasonal treasures to create a fine dining experience that is both unique and memorable. Each dish is a chapter in this narrative, celebrating the season's freshest ingredients and traditional cooking techniques, bringing the essence of Thailand's vibrant culture to your table.

We at R-HAAN extend a warm invitation to food enthusiasts and cultural explorers to savor a unique blend of flavors, aromas, and textures. Contact us today to learn more about our fine dining course in Bangkok.

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