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Welcome to the Memorable Royal Monsoon Season Menu

The best Michelin-starred, Thai fine-dining restaurant in Bangkok, R-HAAN, is delighted to announce their menu change to the Royal Monsoon Season Menu.

The monsoon season in Thailand extends from June to November and brings with it the life-giving rains that serve to nourish the country-side. It provides a bountiful green harvest of delicious and nutritious seasonal fruits and vegetables in Thailand, as well as signalling the beginning of the rice-growing season.

Reaping the Bounty of Thailand

Our Royal Monsoon Season Menu showcases stunning products from all over Thailand. Many of them are indigenous to Thailand, and others have been specially cultivated to satisfy the desires of residents of our country.

From the Royal Project in the Jomthong district of Bangkok, we offer Royal Project Caviar. This caviar is the roe of the rainbow trout. Having begun in 2005, this project has resulted in locally cultivated, tantalisingly tasty pearls of black gold.

From the central plains of Thailand’s Korat province, we feature locally-bred, Korat Wagyu beef. Known for its decadently high-fat content, Wagyu beef is now prized across the globe as a melt in the mouth delicacy to be enjoyed on truly special occasions.

Korat’s neighbour, the Buriram province is also a source of beef for R-HAAN. We add Thai spices and vegetables to Buriram Angus beef, carefully preparing it using traditional Thai cooking techniques to deliver a silky texture with bold flavours, unlike any dish you will have ever previously experienced.

The province of Ayutthaya, located up river from Bangkok, provides us with large, succulent river prawns that are a favourite of both Thailand residents and foreign visitors. These prawns are a unique seafood item that visitors from overseas frequently marvel over.

Located in the eastern plains of Thailand, the Wang Nam Khiao district provides us with the Paco Fern, whose delicate flavours come to life in this welcome rainy season.

The far north mountains and hillsides of Loei provide us with Thai puffball mushrooms, which are found in markets across the country and are extremely popular in everyday dishes such as Tom Ka Kai and Tom Yung Khung. In the hands of R-HAAN’s master chef, Chumpol Jangprai, the earthy flavours of this mushroom are used to complement and enhance the exquisite flavours of the ancient recipes recreated from R-HAAN’s kitchen.

From the north-east province of Sakon Nakhon, we have sourced the specialty of the Phu Pan district, their Phu Phan rattan shoot. Used in countless recipes, this tender shoot imparts both a taste and texture to dishes that is uniquely Thai in origin.

Join Us at R-HAAN

Join us for an evening, and discover the bounty of Thailand, beautifully represented in our new Royal Monsoon Menu.

Experience what it was like to dine in the Rattanakosin era on fine ceramics and tableware in our elegantly stylish dining room.

Taste what Michelin-starred, Thai fine-dining can be in the skilled hands of a master chef. R-HAAN brings out the best from the bountiful harvest of the monsoon season for your fine-dining pleasure.

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