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Celebrate Songkran with Thai Fine Dining at R-HAAN

The symbol of the change into the summer season at R-HAAN the change from our winter into our summer Thai fine dining menu. We time our samrub change based on the seasonal clothing changes of the Emerald Buddha at Wat Phra Si Rattana Satsadaram in the Grand Palace. The Emerald Buddha’s cloak is changed three times a year by the King to mark the changing seasons, from summer to the rainy season to the winter season and back to the summer season again. With these seasonal changes also come new crops and the bounty of food harvested from the fields, orchards, rivers and seas of Thailand. At R-HAAN, we celebrate the passing of the seasons, in conjunction with the Emerald Buddha, by taking advantage of what each season presents to us in the way of seasonal foods to be explored and savoured.

Carefully Crafting Our Summer Menu

We always look forward to this change in our menus. It provides us with a manner of expressing our gratefulness for the bounty that Thailand continues to provide for us. It also provides us with a context in which we can recreate ancient, time-honoured dishes using modern methods to give them new life and vitality. In every seasonal menu we undertake, it’s the opportunity to bring these fresh and seasonal Thai foods to the table in a well-balanced, tasteful menu that is our ultimate goal and satisfaction. With this summer menu, we feel that we have created something special, something we want to share with everyone who appreciates fine dining, Thai-style. Our chef, Chumpol Jangprai, the winner of a prized Michelin star, has created a menu that represents all the happiness and joy that Songkran holds for every Thai. The menu features authentic Thai dishes created with love to celebrate the changing seasons and the hope and happiness that Songkran brings with the start of every new year. The dishes created at R-HAAN have a rich history all their own. At R-HAAN, our goal is merely to provide them with a new venue and setting to be appreciated by an entirely new generation of food-lovers.

Experience Our Summer Menu for Lunch or Dinner

You can experience our summer menu during Songkran for a weekend lunch or summer dinner. Our lunch menu will be served every Saturday, Sunday, Songkran holiday and National Holiday between 11 AM and 2:30 PM from 9 March to 9 June. The dinner version of our summer menu is available daily from 6 PM to 11 PM. Come and experience what fine, seasonal Thai cuisine can be when created by a master chef and his skilled and experienced staff. Experience the wisdom of Thai cuisine in the hands of someone who appreciates it for its history, its colour and the rich complexity and layers of its flavours.