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Experience Authentic 'Royal Winter Samrub' at R-HAAN

R-HAAN Offers Authentic Thai Food in Bangkok in Their Summer Menu

The summer months are now upon us. This means that R-HAAN has launched summer samrub for 2020. ‘Samrub’ is the Thai word for ‘menu’, and you can expect an extraordinary summer menu of Thai food fine dining at our award-winning, two Michelin-starred restaurant
The summer months bring a vibrant, colourful and varied bounty of foods from all over the different regions of Thailand. Thai herbs are particularly abundant at this time of year and are used extensively throughout the Royal Thai Cuisine served at R-HAAN.
These herbs promote good health and are beneficial for gas relief, aphthous ulcer and to boost the immune system. Together with unique preparation and presentation methods pioneered by Chef Chumpol Jangprai, the summer samrub consists of a palette of unique flavours, all of which represent the bounty of the seas, orchards and fields of Thailand in our fine dining restaurant in Bangkok.

Our Summer Samrub

The summer samrub for 2020 consists of eight courses that represent Thai, fine dining at it’s very best. We will be serving the summer samrub at our Thai, fine dining restaurant in Bangkok from March 12 onwards.
Diners will enjoy their choice of an appetizer, followed by six meticulously prepared and presented main courses, with a selection of desserts to round out our superb dining experience.
Enjoy the experience of dining on authentic Thai cuisine in beautifully appointed, and elegant dining room on ceramic bowls and dishes that have been painstakingly hand-painted as replicas of the tables ware that graced the Royal Palace dining tables during the Rattanakosin era.

Our menu includes:

Wisdom of Thai Herb and R-HAAN Thai Summer Samrub

Amuse Bouche

• Sing Buri Triple Cooked Sun Dried River Fish Mixed with Sugar and Deep Fried Shallots served with Watermelon (Shallots)
• MA HOR: Fresh “Hom Suwan” Pineapple Morsel topped with Minced Pork and Peanut (Peppers)


• Traditional Siam Ruby Pomelo Salad from Nakhon Si Thammarat (Chili/ Indian Gooseberry)
• Fish Noodle Pad Thai wrapped with Gotu Kola Leaf (Gotu Kola Leaf/ Collagen)
• 18 Months Fermented Fish and Thai Herbs Baked with Cheese served with Homemade Prawn Crackers (Peppers/ Garlic/ Shallots/ Black Galingale) 30 Days Dry Aged Buriram Angus Beef grilled with Salt, Fish Sauce, Black Pepper and “Hua Rua” Bird's Eye Chili Sauce (Black Pepper/ Chili/ Shallots)


• Nakhon Nayok Sweet Plango and Organic Orange Peel Sorbet (Collagen)

Main Course

• Traditional Tom Yum Soup with King River Prawns and Fresh Thai Herbs (Chili/ Indian Gooseberry/ Shallots)
• Betong Chicken Consommé with Turmeric (Turmeric/ Indian Gooseberry/ Lingzhi Mushroom)
• Ancient Thai Copper Pod Curry “Kaeng Khe Lhek” with Sea Grouper (Black Galingale/ Kariyat)
• Korat Wagyu Beef Short Rib Green Curry and Fresh Chili (Chili/ Garlic)
• Spicy Mango Chili Paste and Grilled Shrimp with Smoked Coconut (Chili/ Garlic/ Shallots)
• 18 Months Spicy Roasted Fish Paste served with Fried Sun-Dried Grouper with Ban Dung Fleur De Sel (Chili/ Garlic/ Shallots/ Galingale)
• Stir-Fried Wild Boar with Spicy Curry and Chanthaburi Cardamom Shoots (Galingale/ Garlic/ Chili/ Holy Basil Oil)
• Aromatic Organic Jasmin Rice and Ubon Ratchathani Germinated Brown Rice (GABA Rice)


• Egg Custard with 110 Days-Harvested Esarn Pumpkin (Collagen/ Royal Jelly)
• Lampoon Black Garlic and Fresh Milk Ice Cream (Garlic) Roasted Mango Sticky Rice with Banana Leaf served with Mahachanok Ok Rong Mango Sauce

Petit Four

• Savory Dark Chocolate (Black Galingale)
• Southern Toddy Palm Cake (Jerusalem Artichoke)
• Sweet Alua Rose (Chili)
• Thai Queen (Laurel Clock Vine)

History of R-HAAN

R-HAAN Thai Fine Dining which was founded by Piti Bhirombhakdi and Chumpol Jangprai who continues the wisdom of Thai cuisine preparation and presentation, but using modern techniques and cooking methods. His efforts have caught the attention of the world, and the world-renowned Michelin Guide has awarded R-HAAN two stars.
Chef Chumpol is now ready to welcome the summer season with the Summer Samrub. The freshness and unique flavours of Thai herbs and the best various ingredients from all over Thailand are cooked meticulously and blended with the charm of the original taste of Thai food. These recipes follow the basic tenets of Thai cooking which consist of the five senses; shape, taste, smell, sound and feel. Combined with eight flavours; sour, sweet, creamy, salty, bitter, spicy, zesty and astringent, our summer samrub creates "The Symphony Of Thai Taste", and becomes a bounty of rich and memorable flavours of the season.

Join Us for an Evening at R-HAAN

It’s the most exquisitely prepared and presented authentic Thai cuisine in Bangkok. Please join us to experience our summer samrub while it’s available through the summer by making a reservation for an evening at R-HAAN. It’s the perfect introduction to the Thai culture for distinguished guests from overseas as well as a special, memorable evening for cherished family members and loved ones.


• start serving Summer Samrub from 12 March 2020 onwards
• 18:00 - 23:00 pm