Thai cuisine
Thai cuisine
Welcome to R-HAAN

A fine dining establishment serving authentic Thai cuisine. We are committed to: the sourcing and selection of the freshest and finest of ingredients, the art of seasoning, the presentation of your meal, and stellar service - everything that embodies the core essence and Wisdom of Thai Cuisine.

The Thai proverb, 'There is fish in the water and rice in the fields', has its origins in the royal description of the Kingdom of Thailand and denotes the fertility of the land and the strong bond that Thai people have to the land and to khao (rice). This old saying thus speaks to the abundance of fish and rice in Thailand as well as the cultivation and harvest of all kinds of produce, herbs and spices that has given birth to the concept and cuisine of R-HAAN It also signifies the global popularity of ' R-HAAN Thai' (Thai food) alongside the unique and exquisite beauty of Thai art and culture, passed down from one generation to the next.

At R-HAAN. we contribute to the preservation of Thailand's rich cultural heritage through the art and practice of Thai cooking and through the revitalization of fine traditional Thai ceramics. Every dish that appears in front of you has not only been carefully prepared by starred of Master Chef Chumpol Jangprai served in a beautiful,hand painted ceramic, by skilled artisans who have reproduced, to perfection, Thai traditional tableware once used in the Royal Palace during the Rattannakosin era.

Our attention to every detail - from the select ingredients in our well-curated menu to the presentation of your meal - is testament to our commitment in giving you a full and enhanced dining experience. From your plate to your palate, we wish to pass on to our customers the charm and the enchantment of real, original Thai cuisine. Seeing the smile and joy on your face from the moment you walk in until your very last bite means the joy and happiness of 'R-HAAN1 too.

Come and experience the culinary journey of ‘ R-HAAN THAI ‘ at R-HAAN