We invite you to experience our Michelin-awarded authentic Thai, fine dining course at R-HAAN, Bangkok.

Our ever-evolving Thai fine dining menu at our luxury restaurant in Bangkok celebrates Thailand's seasonal bounties that reflect the freshest ingredients of each period. As seasons transition, so does our menu, embracing the shift with a vibrancy that honors Thai fine dining cuisine. We are pleased to offer 18 dynamic dishes, each representing the harmony between Royal Thai Taste Samrub and Amazing Thai Taste Samrub. Whether you want to savor our fine dining course during the lush rejuvenation of spring or the serene cool of monsoon, each visit to our luxury restaurant in Bangkok guarantees an exclusive selection tailored to the season's offerings.

R-HAAN’s fine dining course extends beyond a meal, our menu offers a narrative portrayed through a collection of exquisite authentic Thai dishes that feature everything from the crispest vegetables and succulent meats to an exotic variety of spices and grains. We take immense pride in our status as a flag bearer of one of the top Thai fine-dining restaurants in Bangkok, where every flavor is a tribute to this country’s rich agricultural heritage. This commitment ensures that every course we serve and every aroma that wafts through our elegantly decorated space contributes to a comprehensive sensory journey.

Travel through the diverse terrain of Thailand’s regions, with each bite creating an intimate exploration of tastes. Each item in our menu is carefully curated and impeccably presented, solidifying R-HAAN's reputation as a destination for those seeking to experience a true luxury fine dining menu in Bangkok that is as opulent as it is authentically Thai.

Your journey through the very soul of Thai cuisine begins at R-HAAN.