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Launch of the Monsoon Samrub

There is a multiple award-winning, Thai, fine dining restaurant in Bangkok that changes its menu with the seasons. The restaurant is called R-Haan, and along with the coveted Michelin star it's been awarded, it also has won accolades from Thailand’s Tatler magazine, which pronounced it one of the top 20 restaurants of 2019. It was also awarded the Best Thai Restaurant Award for 2019 from Bangkok Best Dining & Entertainment Magazine.

The reason it has drawn the attention of local and international food critics is because of its dedication serving authentic Thai cuisine recipes that have been handed down through the ages. Chef Chumpol Jangprai has lovingly re-created these recipes with a modern and delicious twist that continues to earn rave revues from both foreign and local diners and critics.

A Menu to Match the Seasons

A 'samrub’ is a traditional way of dining in Thailand, where each dish is presented as part of a total complimentary dining experience. The restaurant relies on only the freshest and finest local Thai ingredients in every samrub it presents to its guests. It then prepares these carefully chosen ingredients into a degustation menu that takes its cues from the seasonal produce and meats, fish and fowl that are abundant in Thailand during each season of the year.

This menu is presented to the diner in beautiful, hand-painted, Thai ceramic dinnerware that takes its inspiration from the dinnerware used by the Royal Family during the Rattanakosin era. The resulting marriage of an exquisite table setting and R-Haan’s carefully curated menu provides a dining experience that has caused food critics throughout the world to sit up and applaud the efforts of R-Haan’s kitchen under the leadership of Chef Chompol.

With the summer heat having come and gone and the rainy season having begun in earnest, it’s time for R-Haan to present once again another degustation menu of carefully prepared dishes that reflect the abundance of produce that comes with the changing of the seasons. Each season brings with it a treasure trove of new fruits and vegetables, fresh from the life-giving rains. These ingredients are carefully and skilfully incorporated into traditional Thai recipes to bring these dishes to life and provide them with R-Haan’s own unique touch.

The Monsoon Samrub

On July 18th, R-Haan will change their menu to the new Monsoon Samrub. This menu will showcase the best meats, fish, fowl and produce that Thailand produces during the seasonal rains that occur in Thailand from June to October.

The Monsoon Samrub is eagerly anticipated by Thai food-lovers and critics alike. Chef Chompol will undoubtedly create another masterpiece of a degustation menu using the bounty of foods that Thailand produces during these months.

Be sure and make a reservation at R-Haan to enjoy an evening of fine dining with carefully paired wines in their beautifully appointed dining area.