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Enjoy Father’s Day with Thai Fine Dining in Bangkok

Enjoy Father’s Day with Thai Fine Dining in Bangkok

December 5th is always a special date in Thailand. It’s the birthday of the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej. Chef Chumphol and all the staff at R-HAAN are honouring this long-serving monarch of the Thai people by creating a special menu at their award-winning, fine dining restaurant in Bangkok. Book your reservations today to come and enjoy the special menu and celebrate the occasion with your family and loved ones. If this is your first visit to R-HAAN, you're in for a treat. R-HAAN specializes in modern interpretations of Thai Royal Cuisine. The talented kitchen has given these ancient dishes a modern twist at R-HAAN under the guidance of head Chef Chumphol.

Culinary Experience at R-HAAN

You’ll experience authentic Thai cuisine in Bangkok created in accordance with the menus that were served to Thai Royalty down through the ages. These special dishes have been carefully passed on to caring Thai chefs who sought to preserve the ancient traditions of old Thailand that these recipes represent. At R-HAAN, the dishes are beautifully served on stunning, hand-painted plates and bowls. This tableware has been faithfully modeled and replicated from those that have graced the Royal Family’s table since the Rattanakosin era.

The entire dining experience at R-HAAN is designed to highlight the vast wealth of tastes, colours, and textures of Royal Thai cuisine and presentation. They take their inspiration for the menu from the changing seasons of Thailand.

The abundance of produce, fruits, meat, poultry and fish of the seasons are used to create the ‘samrub’ or menu that changes four times per year. The guests will experience Thai fine dining in Bangkok, unlike any other dining experience with our Father’s Day special menu.

More Reasons to Celebrate

This year, Father’s Day is not the only for the chefs and staff at R-HAAN to celebrate. The restaurant was recently awarded its second, prestigious Michelin Star, making it one of only two Thai restaurants in the world who can claim this honour.

Therefore, Father’s Day will be an even more joyous occasion at R-HAAN, and it’s even more of a reason to make your reservations early.

Experience the Warmth of Father’s Day at R-HAAN

Father's Day at R-HAAN is all about sharing a beautiful meal surrounded by your family and loved ones. With a unique souvenir of a Polaroid photo of your family together with Chef Chumphol, you'll be able to cherish the memories of an evening spent in the warm company of your family while you dine on exquisite dishes, unlike anything you've ever tasted before.

Honour your family and elders by treating them to a once-in-a-lifetime experience of fine dining in Bangkok. Come and join the chefs, servers, and staff at R-HAAN for their special Father’s Day evening of warmth and family dining.