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Experience Authentic 'Royal Winter Samrub' at R-HAAN

Experience Authentic 'Royal Winter Samrub' at R-HAAN

The winter months are now upon us and with it comes a change of menu at R-HAAN. Come and experience the exquisite flavours of Thai fine dining with the Royal Winter Samrub. “Samrub” means “menu” in Thai, but a samrub is also something special.

When you visit R-HAAN to enjoy Chef Chumphol’s interpretation of Royal Thai cuisine, you’ll also be enjoying dishes that the Thai Royal Family have enjoyed down through the ages. These dishes celebrate the change of seasons by incorporating the bountiful harvest of each season.

Presented as several courses over a complete evening meal, each samrub reflects the freshness and flavours of the season.

Winter Samrub at R-HAAN

December 5th is the birthday of the late King, his majesty Bhumibol Adulyadej. On this auspicious day, R-HAAN has launched the Royal Winter Samrub. The winter season features the scents and flavours of the new rice harvest and the fish of Suvarnabhumi.

The menu is centred around the rich fragrance and flavour of jasmine rice, along with mackerel, catfish, sea fish and neem. These fish are in abundance during the winter months, making them the perfect ingredients to feature in the warm dishes of winter.

Plus, of course, the fruits, vegetables and herbs and spices that have ripened to perfection over the fall months and have achieved their fullest flavours are used to complete the dishes served at R-HAAN. This is Thai food fine dining at its very best.

Experience the eight flavours and five senses of Thai cuisine. These are the basic building blocks of all Thai food, but they’re especially important in the exacting Royal Thai cuisine that R-HAAN serves.

Origin of Royal Thai Cuisine

This Thai fine dining cuisine originated in the ancient city of Ayutthaya, which long ago was the capital city of Thailand and the original home of Thailand’s monarchy.

The Kings of that era maintained large kitchens which employed the country’s finest chefs to create meals to feed the rulers, their courts and foreign visitors from countries around the world.

The cuisine created in the kitchens of the kings soon began to follow an exacting standard of excellence in flavour, colour and texture, as well as presentation. The cuisine was considered to be at the pinnacle of all Thai foods and began to be differentiated from regular Thai food by earning the Royal Thai designation.

The extraordinary meals also became famous as a tool of diplomacy for political upheavals and problems that were discussed and solved over a meal in the Royal Court.

Royal cuisine achieved a near-mythical status as one of the finest meals you could eat. The ingredients were the freshest and ripest, the preparation exacting and to a high standard.

Royal Cuisine at R-HAAN

Chef Chumphol at R-HAAN takes the dishes that make up the different samrubs of Royal cuisine and adds some modern touches that make the dishes just as relevant and exciting as they were hundreds of years ago.

The results began turning heads and reaping acclaim from the moment R-HAAN first opened. Food critics from all over the world began to make a meal at R-HAAN number one on their lists of things to do on their visits to Bangkok.

Recognition from the Michelin Guide

Word spread of the Royal cuisine from long ago that was enjoying new life and new popularity at R-HAAN. The gourmets at Michelin Guide came to Bangkok and experienced Chef Chumphol’s new take on the Royal cuisine of ancient Thailand.

R-HAAN was awarded the first Michelin star in 2018 for the high quality of their interpretations of Thai Royal cuisine. Chef Chumphol saw the awarding of the first star as being not a reward, but a challenge to raise the restaurant’s standards even higher. It was a challenge that everyone at R-HAAN eagerly accepted.

In October of 2019 R-HAAN was awarded their second Michelin Star. It was an honour that has only been bestowed on one other Thai restaurant in the world.

Come and experience the Royal Winter Samrub at the recently awarded two Michelin starred R-HAAN. Plan on an experience you will not soon forget. Make your reservations for dinner seating between the hours of 6 PM and 11 PM. Experience authentic Thai cuisine in a delightfully elegant but warm and comfortable setting.